In the fleeting world of dance, moments are etched in the temporality of performance, living in the realm of memory.  I was drawn to the idea of capturing the fleeting nature of this art form so it could be preserved and shared with others.  The best way to do this was through the lens of a camera, which allowed me to create a diverse range of experiences and interpretations that everyone could enjoy.  Through this process, I have been able to seize the essence of dance and ensure that it lives on for generations to come.

The choreography of these projects is intrinsically bound to the moments of the interplay of bodies in space, crafted from hours of substantiated research methods in the studio.  Yet, when performance meets film, a synthesis occurs, converting the ephemeral into the immortal. Through the lens of a camera, a performance, once fleeting, gains permanence, allowing the choreography to transcend the confines of time and space.

The films offers an analytical gaze, a scope to dissect, study, and appreciate the nuances that might otherwise be lost in a live performance.  It provides a tangible form to the fluid art of movement, encapsulating the beauty, complexity, and dynamism in a format that can be revisited, reviewed, and revered for generations to come.

As we usher in the digital age, the introduction of dance films in a digital portfolio not only responds to the necessity of preservation but also opens up avenues for enriched storytelling.  The Performances section is a digital portfolio that allows the work and dancers to integrate different mediums such as music, visual art, and specific sites, creating a holistic experience that speaks to a diverse audience.

Each film in the section is a testament to the journey, the hard work, and the artistry that forms the bedrock of each project.  They stand as individual narratives and yet come together to create a mosaic of experiences that narrate the evolutionary journey of the research process offering a deeper understanding and appreciation for the viewer.

As I introduce the Performances section in the digital portfolio, we invite viewers to step into a world where the dynamic realm of choreography is brought to life in vivid detail.  This section is envisioned as a gallery, where each film is accompanied by a reflection written after the work was completed, offering a glimpse into the world of project process and creation.

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